2 different buildings on a same site

Rating system

LOTUS New Construction v3


We have a project has 2 buildings, one building has GFA under 2500 m2. Can we separate this project into 2 projects, One targets LOTUS NC v3 and one targets Small Building?


Yes, it’s possible to certify 2 different buildings on a same site under 2 different LOTUS rating systems.

For this, please refer to the Guidelines enclosed.

In this situation, the 2 buildings would both follow individual project certification with different LOTUS project boundaries.

However, please note that it is possible for the 2 projects to follow the master site approach for few credits (i.e. for these credits, the whole master site could be considered instead of only the LOTUS project boundary).

The list of credits for which the master site approach would be applicable is in Appendix 1 of the enclosed guideliens for LOTUS NC V3, but it has not yet been prepared for LOTUS SB.

So, if you want to follow this approach for some credits of LOTUS SB, please ask VGBC for guidance in a technical query.