FuturArc Prize 2017 invites Professionals and Students who are passionate about the environment, to inspire them to imagine and create ideas for a sustainable future.


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The goal of Green is to create more responsible buildings. But a Green building, no matter how well intentioned, typically looks inwards within the boundaries of project site and building shell. The search for sustainable solutions, we now know, cannot be confined to the scale of standalone buildings. The search for a sustainable Asia calls for a new way of seeing buildings and their relation to cities.


The question before us is ‘how’. How do we integrate architectural design and engineering with landscape design and urban planning? How do we create new social contracts between building owners and the community? How might governments craft policy so that all developers, even the ones who seek to make a quick profit, have an obligation to facilitate common good?


Design a residential OR commercial development on a site within an Asian city of your choice. Each entry shall make a case for how a standalone development might connect with, and restore, the systems within which it is embedded.


The total built-up area of the development should be between 60,000 and 80,000 m2. The site selected should be between 1.5 and 2 ha in size. Only sites in Asia or Australia will be accepted.


Not only will this competition stretch you to showcase your design ideas but you will also stand to win cash prizes.