Contribute and learn
Share your knowledge to help support green building and further develop LOTUS green building rating systems. Learn from our VGBC community and enjoy the the professional training opportunities offered by the VGBC. Receive regular updates about green building.

Reinforce your corporate image

Validate green credentials to clients and partners through the use of VGBC marketing materials. Use the VGBC logo in your communication to easily and efficiently strengthen your reputation and competitive position. Demonstrate your capability and commitment to the development of green building and present your organisation on the VGBC website.

Enhance your exposure
Connect to other members, experts and industry leading corporates, academia, non-government and government agencies and research institutions and take the advantagious synergies our network offers. Regularly share views and experiences with other experts at workshops, conferences and other events. Gain access to potential partners and new customers and access new markets through our international network of green building partners.

Take advantage of our member-only offers
Access VGBC’s activities at discounted rates such as education courses, project registration, workshops, conferences and events. Full access to VGBC documentation and technical guidelines.

Sponsorship benefits
Members can elect to sponsor specific events or publications and have company name and/or logo prominently displayed on front and back cover depending on extent of sponsorship. 

All members will be notified of upcoming projects and given the chance to provide sponsorship for projects on an ongoing basis. Members may also proposed events, sponsor venues and create other opportunities for VGBC to increase visibility of green building in Vietnam and in the region.

Membership Benefits

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