New Energy Nexus, in partnership with ADB Ventures, would like to present to you the “Building Energy Challenge 2020”. It’s a competition for the most innovative startup solutions on energy efficiency and smart buildings to offer services to large commercial buildings and property corporates.

We are looking for forward-thinking corporate partners, such as property corporates, building managers, designers who are actively looking for innovative solutions for sustainable and green building purposes. These solutions can be applicable for both new buildings and retrofit purposes. Benefits of partners are getting access to a regional pool of startups with innovative technologies that will be assessed by experts from New Energy Nexus and ADB Ventures, as well as branding and marketing as leaders and pioneers in green buildings. Some potential selected pilot projects will be co-sponsored by ADB Ventures.

A facilitated matchmaking workshop between corporate partners and technology solutions will be held in April in a sponsored venue by one of our corporate partners in Southeast Asian countries. Exact location to be confirmed later.


To find more information for your references, please click HERE.


If you are interested in the program, I would like to set up a call or meeting directly with your person in charge to discuss in detail. Please kindly respond to me by January 17th for our proper preparation.

Thank you and looking forward to your response! Please accept my apology and ignore this message if it is not relevant to your business and help us forward to your contacts that may be interested in the program!



Ms. Van Anh Do
New Energy Nexus Vietnam – Program Manager 
+8498 885 9227