VGBC is delighted to announce that Deutsche Bekleidungswerke Limited Factory (DBW) obtained the Platinum LOTUS Certification in November 2016, which makes it become the first LOTUS Project to achieve such a high level of performance




DBW is a garment factory in Long An province south of Ho Chi Minh City. The building features 5 floors using reinforced concrete, including a factory facility, offices, storages, a canteen and 4 small dwelling units.




In terms of energy efficiency, the project features a performant building envelope revolving around above-standard thermal performance of walls, low window-to-wall ratio, efficient glazing on exposed orientations and effective use of shading devices. Energy efficient indoor equipment includes LED lighting systems, solar thermal system, HVAC systems with good COP and variable controls.


Some remarkable features of the project include the important generation of renewable energy using biofuel (rice husks) and solar energy (165.1 kWp), the recycling/reuse of 93% of the construction waste, the use of rainwater and graywater contributing to 25.8% of the total water consumption of the project, and the provision of external views for 98% of the occupied areas. Besides this, the project has a green roof of more than 1,000 m2 including a garden to grow vegetables for the cafeteria.


Please click here to download project details brochure.