Dong Phu Cuong Factory achieve LOTUS Platinum green building certification


Dong Phu Cuong Garment Factory was invested and built by Dong Phu Cuong Garment Company Limited, located in Phu Cuong Industrial Cluster (Dong Nai). The main products of the factory are export sportswear.

The project obtained the LOTUS Platinum Certification in May 2018.

Some of the green features of the project include:

  • 61.5% of energy use reduction thanks to: LPD value of 1.55 W/m2, 25 kWp installed of solar PV panels, use of evaporative cooling in the manufacturing areas and good passive design with low WWR value and external shading.
  • Water efficiency: 40.9% of savings through fixtures and 61% of the total project’s water consumption is covered with non-domestic water (reused water and harvested rainwater).
  • All paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and floorings have low-VOC content.
  • Provision of fresh air supply, daylighting and external views.
  • Limitation of heat island effect (with high SRI roof, open grid pavements and white concrete).