The construction material which is well-known worldwide under the name of AAC block was invented in 1923 by a Swedish architect, Johan Axel Eriksson. The main components of AAC block are sand, lime, cement, gypsum, aluminum powder, and water, thus it is highly valued for its lightweight, great compressive strength, suitability for wall building, resistance to earthquake shakes as well as thermal insulation.

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Therefore, AAC block has revolutionized the construction material technology to make it multi-functional and still ecological friendly because it cuts down the amount of CO2 by 5 times through the process of treating raw materials and wastes.

Thanks to the pre-eminent characteristics, AAC block has acquired an overwhelming market share in developed countries in Europe, North America and North Asia. In addition, AAC block is widely used in developing countries around the world.

According to Decision No. 121/2008 of the Prime Minister on approving the overall plan of Vietnam’s construction materials industry, the Ministry of Construction is assigned to formulate the development program of non-fired construction materials till 2020-year, in which alternative materials step by step replace the traditional building materials in order to protect the living environment. Following that, AAC block is chosen by Vietnamese Government due to its outstanding features.

EBLOCK JSC is proud to be the pioneer in introducing to Vietnam the AAC block based on German technology under EBLOCK brand name. EBLOCK is the first lightweight concrete block product manufactured in Vietnam that can meet standard TCVN 7959:2008 and is strongly recommended by Vietnam Green Building Council.

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