Workshop: Green building for Contractors


This workshop is aimed at Contractors who are working on green building projects or who would like to be more involved in green buildings. The workshop will provide an overview of what a green building is, different ways that Contractors can get involved, and the key areas that fall under the Contractor’s responsibility when executing a green building project.



1. Describe what a green building project is and how that might be defined.
2. Basics of green building rating systems, with LOTUS or LEED as an example
3. Understand the key areas that fall under the Contractor’s responsibility on a green building project
4. Identify different resources available to Contractors and project teams
5. Examples and case studies
6. Examples, guest speaker sharing & panel discussion


Volunteer Opportunities:

Each year, VGBC run a series of workshops and seminars to raise public awareness and build industry capacity for a more sustainable built environment. We welcome and invite all our members and partners to contribute and actively participate in these collaborative efforts. You can volunteer to be a moderator, a keynote speaker, a guest speaker, a panelist or even a sponsor for our events.   


Please feel free to contact VGBC:

Mr. Dang Thanh Long
Vietnam Green Building Council – Executive Director
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