LOTUS has no specific requirements for each water fixture, however, it requires project to reduce building domestic water consumption through all fixtures by 20% in comparison with a baseline model.

In order to score points under LOTUS, projects often select water fixtures that can save at least 20% of water use as compared to the following specifications.

Table W.5: Baseline fixtures water use (Source: UPC and IPC Standards)


Fixtures Water Use

WC (single/dual flush)

6.0 liters per flush (lpf)

Urinal (flush)

3.79 lpf

Faucet (conventional)

0.14 l/s


0.16 l/s

Kitchen faucet

0.14 l/s

Clothes washer

120 l/load of 8kg

LOTUS accepts manufacturers’ data and does not require water fixtures to be labeled or certified under an independent program.



The baselines for water fixtures under LEED Certification are generally equivalent to those specified in Table W.5 and LEED also requires to reduce water consumption by at least 20% as compared to a baseline model. Water fixtures must be WaterSense labeled products or certified under equivalent programs (visit USGBC website for detailed information). In case the local market does not have the applied labeling programs for water fixtures, it is accepted to use manufacturers’ data, which have to meet the requirement of saving at least 20% compared to a baseline by not exceed the following thresholds: