Aligning with the global trend, Vietnam’s construction will gradually drive towards the application of green and sustainable technologies. There are more than 60 countries participating in the green building network with more than 90,000 registered green buildings. In Vietnam, some companies have pioneered in supporting, assessing and certifying green projects. Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) is a typical example. The organization has been officially recognized by Ministry of Construction of Vietnam since March 2009. VGBC’s missions are to build a green built environment in Vietnam, to assess and issue the LOTUS Certification for projects. LOTUS Rating Tools emphasizes on post-construction management and ecosystems, the use of local materials, and especially on the building occupants. 
With the current development trend, Vietnam construction industry will have more LOTUS certified green buildings. In the upcoming time, domestic investors should have more broader vision to be able to ensure their projects be profitable for the investors and occupants and be sustainable over time as well.
(Source: ASHUI)