Introducing LOTUS Interiors

VGBC is continually striving to find new and improved ways to deliver sustainable building options here in Vietnam. Over the recent months, VGBC’s Technical Manager, Xavier Leulliette, will work with key industry partners to develop a new tool – LOTUS Interiors –specifically designed to assess commercial interiors projects. This tool will complement the existing suite of LOTUS green building tools including LOTUS Non-Residential, LOTUS Residential and LOTUS Buildings in Operation.

The aim of LOTUS Interiors is to assess the sustainable attributes of interior fit out projects. This tool is a natural continuation from LOTUS Non-Residential; while the latter focuses on the whole building, LOTUS Interiors focuses more on the building’s interior attributes and will bring a better result for the sustainable performance of the space.

As such, this tool has been designed for tenants and owners that they may follow benchmarks and get recognition for their environmental performance. The tool will have an increased focus on Health and Comfort to improve the wellbeing, health and productivity of occupants.

The new LOTUS Interiors tool will have to overcome a number of unique challenges such as the wide range of projects that fall within the scope of commercial fit outs, the different types of build processes, and how to acknowledge fit out projects that are within an already certified green building.

Consultation on Scoping Paper

The Scoping Paper for LOTUS Interiors was released on 15 July 2015 for industry stakeholders to document and provide feedback on some of these challenges. Key discussion points include how the tool can deal with the broad range of commercial fit-out projects both in terms of size and use, whether the tool should have a ‘fast-track’ certification process for small and non-complex fit outs, and comments on the draft credits proposed under the tool.

VGBC are looking for feedback from members, key industry players and potential users of the LOTUS Interiors tool. Please download the LOTUS Interiors Scoping Paper here on VGBC website. The VGBC will be taking submissions on the paper until31 July 2015. VGBC are also calling for interested parties to join the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and potential pilot projects for the ongoing development of LOTUS Interiors.

Should you have any queries or wish to contact VGBC directly regarding this project, please contact Xavier Leulliette – Technical Manager – Vietnam Green Building Council – [email protected]