Regarded as the first green building rating tool in Vietnam, LOTUS has been developed by Vietnam Green Building Council with more than 10 projects to register. It is noticeable that these projects are under the process of making effort to affirm their sustainable image to be able align with the global green building trend and to prove the prolonged benefits of green buildings, being a catalyst for replicating the trend nationwide. Notably, Big C Green Square and Pouchen Kindergarten have been two of typical projects to be recognized by national and international publications.
With special features and solutions to become a green supermarket in Vietnam, BigC Green Square (certified as LOTUS Silver) was granted the first prize for a new and existing building in the 7th “energy-efficient buildings” award, held on 25th April in Hanoi by Ministry of Industry and Trade and ECC HCMC. This competition attracted the participation of more than 400 projects across 25 provinces all over the nation with approximately 221 buildings selected to the final round and finally 106 buildings honored.
At the award ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Khac Tho, Deputy Director General of Department of Energy shared his concern about the rapid urban development taking place in Hanoi especially in the context that every year more than 1.2 million people move to the urban area. Due to this fact, about 30 million m2 of residential areas need to be newly built up, resulting in an increase of construction rate to around 15% per year. In the upcoming time, along with the number of high-rise buildings, commercial centers and supermarkets emerged, the energy consumption in buildings might account for 35-40% of total energy consumption, thus to strikingly encourage energy-efficient applications in such buildings. 
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                                                      BigC Green Square in Di An Town, Binh Duong province


Furthermore, in the latest news of Inhabitat e-magazine mentions that Pouchen Kindergarten (certified as LOTUS Silver) has possessed not only a rather unique structure with the triple ring shape beneath a raised loop but also the integration of necessary green features. The outdoor play spaces are extended onto the vegetated roof, which doubles as an outdoor classroom where children can learn how to grow their own food. Beneath the green roof, the classrooms and indoor spaces are shielded from the sun by concrete louvers. Recycled materials, water recycling, solar-powered heating and other energy-efficient and eco-friendly features are visibly designed into the building to teach children about energy saving processes. The kindergarten can facilitate essential green conditions for 500 preschool pupils to be able to live and study healthily and safely.
           DSC 0234 - Copy        1586

                                                                         Pou Chen Green World Kindergarten


If green buildings are continually taken into consideration, encouraged through national awards and paid more attention by international media, green projects in Vietnam will no longer be limited in the number of 10 but be fully charged with motivation to mushroom and ourselves open up a sustainable highway for construction development.