VGBC Membership Program

VGBC was established in 2007 as a project of the Green Cities Fund Inc., a non-profit corporation based in California, USA, to promote the green building movement in Vietnam. Main activities of VGBC include:

  • Develop and maintain LOTUS, the voluntary green building rating systems for Vietnam.
  • Recognize and encourage green building projects in Vietnam through assessment and LOTUS certification
  • Provide basic and advanced training to professionals through VGBC Education Program
  • Develop and maintain an online Green Database (for products and services)
  • Advocate and build capacity for the government and academia

The membership program was set up to build a viable network of companies and stakeholders in the design and construction industry to support VGBC and promote green building through various activities and programs. 

There are 4 membership levels (Regular – Silver – Gold – Platinum), with corresponding membership fees and benefits.