005-SI-1 – Worldkids International School Campus 6

  • Rating System: LOTUS SI V1
  • Space type : Kindergarten
  • Size (GFA) : 380 m2
  • LOTUS AP: GreenViet Consultancy Co., Ltd.
  • Address: Binh Chieu ward, Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Website: http://worldkids.edu.vn/




  • COP improvement of 35.1% and LPD reduction of 57% over QCVN 09:2013/BXD requirements. Also, 91.5% of appliances (based on rated power) are labelled as energy-efficient.


  • Use of water efficient taps and showers.

Health and Comfort:

  • Use of low-VOC paints and coatings
  • 88% of occupied areas are provided with views to the outdoors


  • Long-term tenancy leave (10 years)
  • Bicycle Friendly: covered and secured parking space, showers and storage spaces for staff provided,
  • Facilities and amenities: garden area with seats, medical room and fully equipped pantry provided for occupants
  • Commissioning of all systems installed performed and on-going commissioning process implemented
  • Green training provided to all occupants