010-SI-2 – GreenViet Office

  • Rating System : LOTUS SI V2
  • Space type : Office
  • Size (GFA) : 197 m2
  • Certification date: November 2021
  • LOTUS AP: GreenViet Green Building Consultancy Co., Ltd.
  • Project owner website : https://greenviet.net/



  • The coefficient of performance value (COP) of air conditioning system improve 78.1% energy efficiency.
  • LPD reduction of 33.3% over QCVN 09:2013/BXD requirements. 
  • 32.1% of appliances have an energy label.


  • Using water-efficient water closet and tap. 

Health and Comfort:

  • Occupied areas are provided maximum natural lighting. 
  • Occupied areas have maximum external views.
  • Low VOC emission interior materials.


  • All interior furniture made from environmentally friendly material.
  • Having a preventative maintenance plan. 
  • Green awareness: Sustainable practice guides provided and LOTUS AP are occupants.
  • Employee working in a creative environment having full of facilities.