012-Homes-1 – Terraced House Bi Eco Suites Hanoi


  • Rating System: LOTUS Homes V1
  • Building type: Terraced house
  • Size (GFA): 660 m2
  • Certification date: December 2020
  • Green Consultant: EDEEC


Energy efficiency:

  • Passive design: no glazing areas on the west façade and a WWR of 3.1% on the east façade. Also, a thermal simulation was performed at early design stage to optimize glazing selection
  • Building envelope: low-E double glazing used
  • HVAC: COP improvement of 49.1% over QCVN 09:2013/BXD requirements
  • Artificial lighting: LPD lower than 4 W/m2
  • Water heating: heat-pump water heater with a COP of 4.2 has been installed
  • Also, 95% of appliances (based on rated power) are labelled as energy-efficient,
  • A solar PV plant of 9.6 kWp was installed on the rooftop

Water efficiency:

  • Use of water efficient taps, showers and washing machine.
  • Drinking water filtration system installed (including sediment filter, carbon filter and UV filter)

Health and Comfort:

  • 2% of the habitable spaces have sufficient fresh air supply through natural ventilation
  • Use of low-VOC paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and floorings.
  • 4% of the habitable spaces have sufficient daylighting


  • All floorings made of exposed concrete
  • Project site is an infill site, located near public transportation services and near basic services,
  • Pot plants have been installed on the rooftop and on all balconies
  • 3% of the paved and roof area limits heat island effect (with most of the roof covered with solar PV panels)