Project owner Capital House is pioneer in the development of green architectural, energy saving works and contribute to environmental protection, create green living space for community. Capital House is committed to providing customers with quality products, convenient and synchronous utilities through the application of smart design solutions and modern technologies. TD School project invested by Capital House is the perfect place for kids to be nourished, cared and to get high-quality early-education.

The project is being advised by green consultant Viet Land Investment Consulting and Construction Joint-Stock Company (VILANDCO JSC), which is known for its aim to ensure harmony between humans and the natural environment in any project they undertake. Since the beginning of the Green Building movement in Vietnam, VILANDCO has been involved to become one of the leading specialist consulting firms in Vietnam.

LOTUS is a set of voluntary market-based green building rating systems developed by the VGBC through long-term research, with the expert advice of specialists giving particular consideration to Vietnam’s economic and natural characteristic and existing Vietnamese standards and policy.