VGBC updated LOTUS Small Interior rating tool, officially released LOTUS SI v2

The Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) has recently launched the latest version of its sustainable interior design evaluation system. The LOTUS SI v2 was upgraded based on recent developments in the field of sustainable interior design in order to ensure that it will remain a leading tool for professionals and decision-makers. LOTUS SI v2 is immediately available for new project registration. 

Main reasons for the update:

– update the energy baseline and credits based on QCVN 09:2017/BXD

– Since LOTUS SI V1 was released in August 2017, 6 projects have been certified. Some adjustments were necessary based on experience collected from projects.

– update in line with NC V3 for consistency between systems and to integrate some of the improvements brought to NC V3 from NR V2.0



LOTUS SI is the first rating system developed by the VGBC that incorporates Vietnamese construction codes and practices for sustainable interior fit-out projects with gross floor areas smaller than 1000 m2. 


LOTUS SI is a free-to-use tool for architects, designers, developers and building owners that rates projects on sustainability, health and wellbeing. You can use it as an assessment tool or as a checklist of what needs to be done before the final sign-off. 


With LOTUS SI you’ll know if the project will have good indoor air quality, low levels of noise pollution and minimal environmental impact from construction materials – all without breaking the bank. With this information at hand, it becomes easier for stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement or take action on areas where they are already performing well.


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