010-NR-1.1-NC Trung tâm thương mại Big C Nha Trang 

Đường 19/5, Khu đô thị Vĩnh Điềm Trung, xã Vĩnh Hiệp, TP Nha Trang, tỉnh Khánh Hòa


  • Công cụ đánh giá : LOTUS NR V1.1
  • Loại công trình : Trung tâm thương mại
  • Diện tích sàn (GFA) : 30,384 m2
  • LOTUS AP : GreenViet Consultancy Co., Ltd.
  • Website : http://www.bigc.vn/

Big C Nha Trang is designed and built to LOTUS Silver standard. Design team has applied both passive and active strategies to help the project save a significant energy usage.

The building applied many best performance strategies, such as: the envelope is well insulated with low E double glazing glass, good roof system, efficiency wall. Additionally, all major energy used equipment have high efficiency such as LED & T5 bulbs, chillers with high COP; Ice storage tank applying helps chiller was operated at night time to decrease energy used at peak-hour. And Power Monitoring System (PMS) and Building Management System (BMS) are installed to help better manage and monitor the energy efficiency of the whole store.
In addition to energy savings, water saving is focused at BIG C Nha Trang as well: low flow water fixtures installed, reused treated-wastewater from Sewage Treatment Plant for landscape irrigation.
Big C Nha Trang have much more than just energy and water savings during design and construction milestone; for operation period, a lot of anticipated innovation programs to enhance the environmental awareness for building staffs and customers are applied at the building, such as: public notification of bus schedule, priority in local employee recruitment, parking for bicycle/ electrical bike with plug facilitated to encourage the users.



Silver: 84 / 150 Points



14 / 34


9 / 15


11 / 20


3 / 13


9 / 13


10 / 20


9 / 13


5 / 10


8 / 12


6 points