What is green building?

Green Building is the next evolution of the construction and property sector and it is underway now. The goal is to create a sustainable built environment where we meet today’s needs without compromising the livability of our shared future.

Many do not realize the significant impact the construction sector has on the environment. Now we know it is the single greatest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions globally (37%) and consumer of the earth’s natural resources (40%). Buildings also affect people’s health because we spend the majority of our time indoors.

Green Building typically sets benchmarks and standards for the design and performance in the following minimum dimensions related to the construction projects:  

  1. Land
  2. Energy
  3. Water
  4. Health
  5. Materials
  6. Transportation

Other critical areas being developed now are Biodiversity for species protection, Resilience & Adaptation to climate change to protect users, and Equity and Access to ensure sustainable buildings are available to all.

What is LOTUS?

LOTUS is a long trusted International-Local framework for comprehensively assessing the sustainability of buildings of all types, new and existing, in Vietnam. Built specifically for the national context (construction regulations and conditions) with full integration of global sustainability priorities set by the WorldGBC, LOTUS is the only system exclusively created for Vietnam through an international lense.

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