LOTUS Green Building Registration and Certification Fees

(Effective from July 1, 2016, updated July 15, 2024)


Total project fee

Total fee project must pay to VGBC will divide into 2 type: Registration and Assessment fee.

The project only needs to pay these two fees throughout the duration of the project.


The Registration Fee is paid when the Project Representative registers the project with VGBC. Upon successful registration, the Project will receive:

  • Be assigned a PIN (Project Identification Number)
  • Post and update information on the LOTUS Project Directory on the VGBC website
  • Get access to a complete package of documentation for LOTUS certification process, including submission folder, LOTUS Management Tool, LOTUS Calculators (Water Calculator, OTTV Calculator, etc.), additional guidelines (for energy modeling and CFD simulation) and templates
  • Start getting assistance from VGBC for clarification and interpretation of LOTUS credits


The Assessment Fee above includes the entire Assessment and Certification process according to LOTUS, including:

  • Design review, which will result in Provisional Assessment Report and Provisional certification (if applicable)
  • As-built review
  • Site visit (where applicable)
  • Credit interpretation requests and other enquiries
  • Final Assessment Report and Full Certification (if applicable) 

Project fee calculation

*VAT not included


GFA Calculation

The Total Gross Floor Area (GFA) of a LOTUS Project is the total area of the building, including balconies, loggias, corridors, and lift areas. All the basement and technical floor areas will also be included. This can be explained by the requirement for the project to simulate the energy used by the building, as we still consider the basement, technical floor, balconies, loggias, corridors, and lift areas. The effect of those areas on the total energy used by the project is significant.