(Effective from July 1st 2016, updated January 5th 2023)


Registration fee

Registration fee is a flat fee paid up front at the time of registration. Upon successful registration, the project will:

  • be assigned a PIN (Project Identification Number)
  • get listed on LOTUS Project Directory on VGBC website
  • get access to a complete package of documentation for LOTUS certification process, including submission folder, LOTUS Management Tool, LOTUS Calculators (Water Calculator, OTTV Calculator, etc.), additional guidelines (for energy modeling and CFD simulation) and templates
  • start getting assistance from VGBC for clarification and interpretation of LOTUS credits

Registration fee table:

LOTUS Rating Program Registration Fee (10% VAT included)
LOTUS NC v3 (New Construction) 11,000,000 VND
LOTUS BIO (Building in Operation) 11,000,000 VND
LOTUS Interiors 11,000,000 VND
LOTUS Homes 1,100,000 VND
LOTUS Small Buildings
LOTUS Small Interiors

Assessment fee

For small-scale projects (pursuing LOTUS Homes, LOTUS Small Buildings or LOTUS Small Interiors Certification), the assessment fee is a flat fee of 15,400,000 VND (10% VAT included), paid up front before the start of assessment process. 

For larger projects (pursuing LOTUS NC v3, LOTUS BIO or LOTUS Interiors Certification), the assessment fee is based on the project size (gross floor area, GFA).

Assessment fee table for LOTUS NC v3 and LOTUS BIO (10% VAT included):

Project size

Assessment fee for LOTUS NC v3

Assessment fee for LOTUS BIO

Under 5,000 sqm

  60,500,000 VND

48,400,000 VND

from 5,001 sqm to 10,000 sqm

  96,800,000 VND

72,600,000 VND

from 10,001 sqm to 15,000 sqm 

121,000,000 VND

90,200,000 VND

from 15,001 sqm to 25,000 sqm 

169,400,000 VND

123,200,000 VND

from 25,001 sqm to 50,000 sqm 

217,800,000 VND

156,200,000 VND

from 50,001 sqm to 75,000 sqm 

290,400,000 VND

204,600,000 VND

from 75,001 sqm to 100,000 sqm 

363,000,000 VND

253,000,000 VND

Project over 100,001 sqm 

435,600,000 VND

301,400,000 VND

Assessment fee table for LOTUS Interiors (10% VAT included):

Project size

Assessment fee for LOTUS Interiors

Under 2,500 sqm

33,000,000 VND

from 2,501 sqm to 5,000 sqm

49,500,000 VND

from 5,001 sqm to 10,000 sqm 

66,000,000 VND

Project over 10,000 sqm 

82,500,000 VND

The above assessment fees cover the entire assessment process, including:

  • design review, which will result in Provisional Assessment Report and Provisional certification (if applicable)
  • as-built review
  • Site visit (where applicable)
  • credit interpretation requests and other enquiries
  • Final Assessment Report and Full Certification (if applicable)

Group Certification

  • For LOTUS Homes, LOTUS SB: A group is comprised of similar buildings (buildings with similar design and only slight differences not impacting LOTUS credits). For a group of n similar buildings, the assessment fee is: 15,400,000 VND + 1,100,000 VND * (n-1)