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VGBC and Partners plan to organize a series of four events to support “Net Zero Readiness Framework” initiatives from WorldGBC Asia Pacific Region. The purpose is to raise awareness in the industry, especially Vietnam construction sector as well as to create a networking opportunity for VGBC members.

VGBC is delighted to bring to you the latest update on the World green building movement and insights on pathway to achieve Net zero carbon for buildings in the wake of COP26 happened in Glasgow, UK from 31 Oct to 12 Nov 2021.

Get ready for upcoming events in 2022 with more updates and insights! Since our last event was such a success we’ll be opening up more seats to our conference next year. Nonetheless, we will keep a close watch on Covid-19 situation and keep you posted accordingly.  

Vietnam Green Building Council 

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events organized by VGBC and partners.

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