The private villa, located in Hung Phu Residential Area, Cai Rang District, Can Tho Province, is aiming for LOTUS Platinum Certification for Housing (LOTUS Homes).

Most of the villa space is naturally lit with vertical sunshade system or green space to limit sunlight to the inside, whereby reducing energy consumption for cooling. Especially, green area around the villa is also focused to help reduce the heat island effect and control stormwater runoff.

On the other hand, the villa will also use a lot of modern equipment such as:

  • Low-E glass system (low emissivity) which is imported from Germany.
  • Solar panel system providing most of the energy used.
  • Fresh air supply system combined with natural ventilation to ensure the health of occupants.
  • Home appliances with 4-5 star energy label.

The project is being consulted by GreenViet.

LOTUS is a set of voluntary market-based green building rating systems developed by the VGBC through long-term research, with the expert advice of specialists giving particular consideration to Vietnam’s economic and natural characteristic and existing Vietnamese standards and policy.

For more information on LOTUS Certification, please contact:

Phone: (+84) 966 695 418

Email: [email protected]

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