Registering a project declares the intent to pursue LOTUS certification using a LOTUS Rating Tool and is the first step in the certification process.

To register a LOTUS Project, download and complete the Application Form, then send a direct email to: [email protected]

After the Application Form is checked, 2 more steps will be necessary to complete the project registration:

  • pay a Registration Fee of 11,000,000 VND (not for streamlined rating systems: LOTUS Homes, LOTUS Small Buildings and LOTUS Small Interiors)
  • sign a Certification Agreement


When registration is complete, projects are:

  • issued a Project Identification Number (PIN),
  • sent a Project Submission Folder containing all documents necessary for LOTUS submissions
  • assigned an Assessment Organization’s Representative,
  • listed on VGBC website in the directory of LOTUS Projects


For inquiries, please contact:

Telephone: (+84) 9 666 95418 
Email: [email protected]