011-Homes-1 – K-Villa+

  • Rating System: LOTUS Homes V1
  • Building type : Villa
  • Size (GFA) : 812.5 m2
  • Certification Date: September 2020
  • LOTUS AP: GreenViet Consultancy Co., Ltd.





  • Effective passive design with limited east and west facade areas and shading on most glazing areas
  • Efficient air-conditioning systems with a COP improvement of 36.8% over QCVN 09:2013/BXD requirements
  • Use of efficient LED lighting fixtures to achieve a LPD of 3.75 W/m2
  • All appliances installed are energy-efficient (4 or 5 stars under VNEEP label, EU energy label class A++, etc.)
  • Domestic hot water is supplied by a solar water heating system
  • Solar PV system with a peak power of 15.8 kWp


  • Use of dual flush low-flow WCs (3/4.5 liters per flush)

Health and Comfort

  • Fresh air supply fans are installed to provide sufficient fresh air in 95% of the habitable space.
  • All paint, coating, adhesive and sealant products used have low-VOC content
  • All habitable spaces are provided with good daylight


  • All windows and doors are made of recycled materials (uPVC with 30% recycled content and steel)

Site and Environment:

  • 8% of the site area is covered with vegetation (with 27 different species, mostly native and climate-adapted) and pot plants installed on all the balconies and roofs
  • 3% of average site perviousness thanks to use of open-grid pavement, green roof and unbound pavers
  • during construction, measures were implemented to recycle construction waste, minimize construction noise, limit air, land and water pollution impacting the neighborhood