036-NC-3-NR – Phu Lieu Phu Cuong factory


  • Rating System: LOTUS NC V3
  • Project Owner: Phu Cuong J.S Company
  • Building type: Industrial building
  • Size (GFA): 5,986 m2
  • Certification Date: November 14th 2020
  • LOTUS AP: GreenViet Consultancy Co., Ltd.


  • Energy:

48.2% total building energy use reduction compared to baseline model

13.57% COP improvement compared to QCVN 09:2017/BXD requirements

76.4% LPD reduction compared to QCVN 09:2017/BXD requirements

Solar PV plant production of 1187 MWh/year, representing 115% of the estimated total energy use of the project

  • Water:

49% water savings compared to baseline through sanitary fixtures

42% the project’s total water consumption covered with harvested rainwater

  • Health & Comfort:

97.3% occupied area is supplied with sufficient fresh air

100% paints, coatings and floorings have low-VOC content

93% occupied area is provided with appropriate daylight

99% occupied area has quality views to the outdoors

  • Others:

16.83% value of the materials is from sustainable materials with most materials having recycled content

71% of construction waste diverted from landfills

The site has an average perviousness of 40.07% to limit stormwater runoff

77.6% roof and paved area limits heats island effect thanks to a reflective steel roof