Smart Communities & Built Environments will showcase how innovative ideas can translate into practical solutions for the built environment and demonstrate relevant thinking on planning, sustainability and adaptation mechanisms, as well as, environmental and cultural tests for success. Attend this event to learn how to address the challenges, examine critical issues; explore how this sector can grow and how to deliver more using innovative technology and solutions, thereby taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunities in this sector.

Choose from two different streams to attend:
  • Stream One: Placemaking & Inclusive Design
  • Stream Two: Smart Buildings & Future Tech

A series of plenary sessions, case studies on day three will focus on Transit Oriented Developments: Delivering Vibrant Mixed Use Communities. We will discuss the challenges and best practices when developing Transit Oriented Developments. We will explore how to emphasise the integration of transit on a regional basis and walkability in neighbourhoods, as well as how to best plan urban growth on a broader regional level to be compact and and transit-supportive. We will also uncover how to create interfaces with transport services and leveraging on this connectivity to revitalise the underutilised precincts while bringing significant economic and social benefits to the wider community.

Interactive Panel Discussions & Innovative Spotlights that we have arranged include:


  • CITY TRAILBLAZERS: These thought leaders will share their experience and case studies on the latest breakthroughs, as well as, creative and practical solutions to overcome existing challenges
  • SPOTLIGHT SESSION – URBAN INNOVATOR: This session is dedicated for sponsors to showcase their innovative solutions to enhance and transform the urban environment
  • SUSTAINABILITY INSIGHTS – These sessions will highlight some of the new trends and best practices to create efficient, economically viable projects for sustainable growth in the long run
  • GLOBAL TRENDSETTERS – An Interactive Brainstorm on designing smart ecosystems and discussion on the latest innovations in this sector
  • INTRA-URBAN CONNECTIONS – An Interactive Panel Discussion on how to catalyse Transit Oriented Developments to maximise connectivity and deliver vibrant mixed-used communities

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To register, please contact [email protected] or call +603 2723 6757

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