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  • LOTUS is a set of green building rating systems developed specifically for Vietnam
  • Providing basic and advanced training to professionals through VGBC Education Program
  • An opportunity to profile your products and services in Green Building market
  • Online resource directory for green building products and services


LOTUS is a set of voluntary green building certification systems developed by the Vietnam Green Building Council. LOTUS is a point-based system which consists of many categories and credits, reflecting the priorities required by climatic and urban conditions in Vietnam. To earn LOTUS Certification, a project must satisfy all prerequisites and achieve a minimum of 40% of the total amount of points.

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VGBC Training Courses

  • Evolution of green buildings, the concepts of sustainability in buildings, and the principles, best practices and components that distinguish green buildings from conventional buildings
  • Define green building & the role of certification system; Understand the intents, goals & strategies for LOTUS credits; Differentiate LOTUS and other rating systems; Understand the costs related to green certification; Foundational training for LOTUS AP Exam.
  • Providing knowledge of the foundational concepts of LEED green building certification systems; Introducing the LEED BD+C v4 categories and requirements; Giving updates on Vietnam green building market
  • An advanced-level courses for architects working on green projects or product manufacturers and suppliers looking to penetrate the green building market

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