Bel Greenfield Asean is a factory of Bel Vietnam (member of Bel Group) and a producer of famous cheese brands such as Con Bo Cuoi, Kiri, Babybel, Goodi and Regal Picon. Bel Greenfield Asean has officially received LOTUS Non-Residential Certification, issued by the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC).


The factory is located in Song Than 3 Industrial Zone (Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong Province) with GFA of 10,000 m2. This new factory is 5 times larger and 9 times more productive than the old factory in My Phuoc 3 Industrial Zone (Ben Cat)

Bel Vietnam CEO Chafiq Hammadi declared, “The new factory not only focuses on the production of Con bo cuoi cheese for Vietnam but also develops a wide range of products to supply to the Southeast Asia market. Therefore, Bel Vietnam decided to build a center to research and develop new products here, which raises the value of dairy products, suitable for Vietnamese and South East Asia tastes.”


The project’s goal was to build a factory reflecting the professional image and high-quality products of the group. The building designs intended to be simple, efficient and pleasant. The project emphasized on the “environmentally friendly” aspect (by meeting LOTUS requirements) and on providing workers with a safe and comfortable workplace (by using available materials in Vietnam and Asia which are of sanitary standards, easy maintenance and high efficiency).



The factory presents several green features such as effective building envelope, roof with high solar reflectance (helping to mitigate the heat island effect) and highly efficient LED lighting systems. Water efficient fixtures are installed and low–VOC paints were employed to ensure workers’ good health. Environmental impacts have been limited thanks to the use of non-baked bricks for walls, thanks to the implementation of measures to prevent pollution during construction and thanks to the use of local materials


  • 20% reduction of energy use
  • 74% reduction of OTTV (Overall Thermal Transfer Value)
  • LPD of the building is equal to 2.18 W/m2. It represents an 83% of LPD reduction compared to VBEEC requirements.
  • 21% of total value of materials are from recycled, sustainable and rapidly renewable sources.


Owner: Bel Vietnam Ltd.
Consultant: Archytype Vietnam