Green Materials & Technologies

Defining modular construction and why it is more sustainable

  Modular Buildings have gained much popularity over the past decade, but what exactly is it? The word ‘modular’ is defined as having parts that can be connected or combined in different ways (Werriam-Webster dictionary). What makes modular buildings quite different than conventional buildings is in the construction process. All standard buildings are built on-site from the ground […]

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How to keep cool without costing the Earth

ABOUT 6% of the electricity generated in America is used to power air-conditioning systems that cool homes and offices. As countries such as Brazil, China and India grow richer, they will surely do likewise. Not only is that expensive for customers, it also raises emissions of greenhouse gases in the form both of carbon dioxide […]

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Are there megatrends coming that will impact green building?

Everyone wants 20/20 vision, but few have it, at least without optometrical assistance. At Buildex Vancouver, author, speaker, engineer and LEED Fellow Jerry Yudelson is acting optometrist to the green-building industry with his Feb. 16 Green Keynote entitled 20/20 Vision: 10 Megatrends Affecting Green Building.   Yudelson is no stranger to the world of green […]

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