Modular Buildings have gained much popularity over the past decade, but what exactly is it?

The word ‘modular’ is defined as having parts that can be connected or combined in different ways (Werriam-Webster dictionary). What makes modular buildings quite different than conventional buildings is in the construction process. All standard buildings are built on-site from the ground up – but not with modular buildings. This concept takes modular sections that have been built in a manufacturing facility, delivered to the site, and eventually put together like lego pieces. This allows for more efficient and faster process in building construction.

Also called as prefabricated / manufactured buildings, these structures are recognized as a sustainable solution to the environmental challenges of modern construction. Here’s a few reasons why:


Energy Efficient

Prebuilt green modular home 1


Not only do modular homes take 50 percent faster to complete than conventional homes, they are energy efficient. Green features such as LED lighting, ungraded triple glaze window, geothermal systems, solar panels and other green practices can be installed during construction process to promote energy efficient operations. Planting a programmable thermostat to the house can help to control the air-con and heat of the surroundings.

Produce 5% less construction waste than average buildings

The removal of construction waste is one of many key challenges in a building’s lifecycle. Since nearly 90 percent of modular construction takes place off-site, it can significantly reduce waste and site disturbance than with site-built structures. Hence, it is no surprise that modular buildings help minimize environmental impact, provide a comfortable atmosphere and boasts a healthier environment.

Reusable Construction

Known as a ‘portable building’, the construction parts can be moved from one place to another without the process of demolition and minimal modification. In the future, favoring modular buildings can save time and money.

Recycled Materials

Modular buildings are usually constructed with recycled materials. These recycled materials can take in the form of recycled steel, recycled wood and recycled glass. Self-adhering carpet tiles, which do not emit volatile organic compunds (VOC) can be utilized in modular buildings as well.

So with those reasons mentioned, would you consider moving into a modular home go with traditionally site-built buildings?



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