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In June 2021, Cong Sinh Architects applied for the LOTUS certificate for their office in Hue. With consultation from GreenViet company, Cong Sinh registered to apply LOTUS SI V2 standard for their office, having a gross floor area of 300m2

LOTUS SI is a rating system suitable for projects having a total gross floor area of ​​less than 1000m2. In specially, LOTUS SI is considered a free-to-use tool for architects, designers, project developers and investors to assess the sustainability of projects, ensure the health and welfare of users. With LOTUS SI, buildings are evaluated mainly through three main factors: sustainability, health and wellbeing. Currently, there are 11 projects pursuing LOTUS SI standards.

To adapt to the change of practical environment, Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) has upgraded LOTUS SI V1 to LOTUS SI V2 from June 1, 2021. Due to this change, projects can flexibly assess the sustainability of buildings.


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