Located in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Daikin Vietnam Headquarter Building is applying for 3 certifications: LEED, LOTUS and WELL and is the first project in Vietnam to aim for triple certification. Project is a fully glazed office building with one tenant convenience store at ground floor and a retail portion (“Solutions Plaza”) to showcase Daikin products. Diverse working spaces inside include a cafeteria and lecture theatre. The building is shaded extensively externally and plans to include some solar panels at roof level, where there will be a green roof portion and some amenities for staff. Other green features include recycled rainwater and a very high standard of indoor air quality and water quality to match WELL requirements.

The project is being advised by Green Consult-Asia and aiming at LOTUS Platinum – the highest level of LOTUS Certification System.

LOTUS is a set of voluntary market-based green building rating systems developed by the VGBC through long-term research, with the expert advice of specialists giving particular consideration to Vietnam’s economic and natural characteristic and existing Vietnamese standards and policy.

For more information on LOTUS Certification, please contact:

Phone: (+84) 966 695 418 
Email: certification@vgbc.vn