Fundamental course on energy simulation and building performance analysis will be taught on 6 days (last 3 weeks). This is a basic course of the training program which helps learners get fundamental knowledge and skills to be able to participate in Advanced Thematic Courses after that. Targeted learners are architects, engineers who pay attention to the issue of energy saving and design optimization.

On this course, in the beginning, trainees will be introduced the overview of energy simulation and building performance analysis, then practice with actual projects. Throughout the course, trainees will practice the software with Designbuilder Viet Nam’s experts including exercises for the following items:

  • Create the model by Designbuilder software, import models which are from other soft wares such as Revit, Sketchup (DXF, gbXML files, etc.)
  • Analyse the impact of solar radiation on the building and evaluate the effectiveness of design solutions (massing, zoning of spaces, windows layout, shading design, thermal insulation, etc).
  • Define the material for items: ceilings, walls, floors, roofs, glass walls & windows
  • Set up and simulate natural lighting by using Daylighting feature.
  • Set up and simulate wind & natural ventilation (including thermal comfort analysis) by using CFD feature.
  • Set parameters for air conditioning and ventilation systems (simple mode) & set operating schedule for equipment and building’s systems.
  • Describe air conditioning and ventilation systems (detailed mode). Focus on the systems which are commonly used in Vietnam such as VRV / VRF, Chiller system, Split DX system, etc.
  • Calculate total cooling & heating load (air conditioning systems).
  • Calculate energy consumption.
  • Optimize designed solutions by Parameter analysis feature.
  • Calculate simulation according to LEED & LOTUS certification.
  • Analyze cost and economic benefits of green building.

The course is designed as 3-week time with just 2 days per week (mainly at weekend) to have class so learners will have more time to practice the software on the above-mentioned items both on class and at homes. They also have the chance to discuss with the trainers about their problems during the next class. For this course,  learners will work in a group of 2-3 people to complete the major assignment which is an actual project. This assignment will be the basis for assessing the understanding of the learners as well as his capability in working multidisciplinary.

Click here to refer to the agenda of the course which will be implemented from the second quarter of 2017.

After this course, learners will be able to carry out the building performance simulation and analysis by themselves on their actual projects. Besides, learners also receive:

  • Certification of course completion.
  • Accumulated score from the Green Building Council of Vietnam (VGBC) for LOTUS AP’s continuous education.