Who is a LOTUS AP?

Who is a LOTUS Accredited Professional?

LOTUS AP is a professional who has profound knowledge of LOTUS green building certification system. A LOTUS AP can provide consultancy advice when designing, constructing or operating green buildings and applying for certification under the LOTUS system.


How to become a LOTUS AP?

S1: Gaining comprehensive knowledge of LOTUS Certification System

Professionals can acquire the knowledge of LOTUS Certification System by getting familiar with the LOTUS NC v3 Technical Manual

S2: Passing LOTUS AP Exam

The candidate must achieve a mark of 80% or higher in order to pass the LOTUS AP exam.

After the successful attempt at the LOTUS AP Exam, the candidate will be issued a LOTUS AP Certificate of Accreditation and listed on VGBC Green Database. The Certificate of Accreditation is valid for two (02) years from the date of issue.


♦ Examination Format

  • Computer based, open book exam.
  • Multiple choice questions: 100 questions in 150 minutes.

♦ Pass mark

Minimum 80% of points.

♦ Registration

Please contact the VGBC at: info@vgbc.vn

Exam fee: 1,100,000 VND/attempt (VAT included)

Renew LOTUS AP Credential

The LOTUS AP certificate expires every 2 years. To renew, candidates are encouraged to actively gain new knowledge and experience related to green building, as part of a CPD (continuous professional development) framework. Specifically, for every 2-year period, the candidate would need to gain 20 CPD points by engaging in some of the activities listed below (with the CPD points corresponding for each activity): 

Exam Registration Form

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