LOTUS AP is a professional who has profound knowledge of LOTUS green building certification system. A LOTUS AP can provide consultancy advice when designing, constructing or operating green buildings and applying for certification under the LOTUS system.

S1: Gaining comprehensive knowledge of LOTUS Certification System

Professionals can acquire the knowledge of LOTUS Certification System by getting familiar with the LOTUS NC v3 Technical Manual. VGBC conducts courses taught by experts already familiar with the system so that students can get used to the knowledge more quickly.

S2: Passing LOTUS AP Exam

The candidate must achieve a mark of 54/80 or higher in order to pass the LOTUS AP exam.

After VGBC receives all valid documents, we will issue a LOTUS AP certificate in PDF format, and will authenticate the Full Name and Work Unit of the LOTUS Green Building Expert at https://vgbc.vn/lotus-ap-list/.

Our course’s goals include:

  • Training a team of professionals with the capability to consult on, design, implement, and manage green building projects according to LOTUS standards.
  • Promoting the development of the sustainable construction industry, contributing to environmental protection and efficient use of resources.
  • LOTUS APs need to understand the application of the LOTUS Rating Systems to a level that can guide a project from the design stage to achieving the LOTUS Green Building certification.
  • The LOTUS AP exam is a test of candidates’ understanding and knowledge of the LOTUS Rating Systems and general knowledge of the sustainable building environment and the applicability of LOTUS in Vietnam.