Since 2009 when VGBC was endorsed by the Ministry of Construction to develop LOTUS as a green building rating system for Vietnam, there has been a steady increase in awareness of benefits of green building among policy makers, investors and industry professionals. The government, Ministry of Construction and relevant agencies have issued various documents to encourage green building. We believe it’s only a matter of time before we have concrete incentive policies or programs for green building, at least in major urban centers.

Below, we reviewed a few official documents issued so far that specifically encourage green building:


1/ Decision 1393/QĐ-TTg (“Quyết định 1393-TTg”), issued by the Prime Minister on 23/9/2012 (attached) on “National Green Growth Strategy”


Please refer to Article 1, part III (actions), point 11 (sustainable urbanization), item c (page 9), on “green buildings and green cities”:

The government will “require investors to implement green measures when they build new commercial buildings or retrofit old buildings, and will have incentives for manufacturers who make products for green buildings”


2/ Decision 403/QĐ-TTg (“Quyết định 403/QĐ-TTg), issued by the Prime Minister on 20/3/2014 (attached), on “Actions to implement the National Green Growth Strategy”:


Please refer to Appendix 1 (specific actions), Action 54 to Action 60 (page 28-29), on sustainable urbanization, green building and green building materials. For illustration, Action 58 listed 3 points:

  • Compulsory compliance with Vietnam Building Energy Efficiency Code (QCVN 09)
  • Improve energy efficiency in management and operation of buildings
  • Organize a campaign for green building and energy efficiency at all businesses and bureaus across the country


3/ Decision 419/QĐ-BXD issued by Ministry of Construction on 11/5/2017 on “Plan of actions of the construction industry to implement the Green Growth Strategy”


Please refer to the Appendix (specific actions), group VI (page 6), the action is to “develop guideline, incentives and capacity for green building”


4/ Decision 3457/QĐ-UBND, issued by HCMC People’s Committee (“Ủy ban nhân dân Thành phố HCM”) on 28/6/2013, on “Regulating the management of urban spaces and urban architecture of the current HCMC downtown area (930ha)”


Please refer to Article 6, point 4 of the Regulation (attached to Decision 3457, page 14): the density bonus could be applied to projects that are “designed and constructed with environment-friendly measures”.


5/ Decision 08/2018/QĐ-UBND, issued by HCMC People’s Committee (“Ủy ban nhân dân Thành phố HCM”) on 15/03/2018, on “Regulating the Planning and Architecture of Thu Thiem New Urban Area, District 2”


Please refer to Chapter III, Article 12 (page 16), Point 2, on “General requirements for architecture and buildings”: “building projects are encouraged to achieve environment-friendly certification for buildings, such as LOTUS or some international standards (such as LEED)”


6/ Decision 280/QĐ-TTg, issued by the Prime Minister on 13/03/2019, on “National Program on Energy Efficiency 2019-2030 period”


Please refer to Article 1 (page 3), on “Specific goals until 2025”: “Ensure compliance with the national building energy code (QCVN 09) and at least 80 projects get green building certification”