Currently with the global energy consumption of 40%, buildings have become the “culprit” of climate change.


 New future for Vietnam

Because buildings can help reduce greenhouse gas emission, green building model is one of energy-efficient measures to protect the environment in the current situation and is expected to become popular trend in the future.

According to Mr. Dinh Chinh Loi, an expert of Ministry of Construction, the potential of energy-saving in buildings in Viet Nam is relatively high. As for new buildings, with the synchronous application of architecture design solutions, energy-saving materials, installation and manipulation of high-performance equipment and qualified energy managers, buildings can consume 30-40% energy less than other buildings. If existing or retrofitted buildings being energy-audited implement this solution, 25% of energy consumption will be saved.

How are green buildings developing in Viet Nam in reality?

In the conference of “High-rise buildings in Viet Nam” held by Department of Foreign Affairs – Ho Chi Minh city and International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) in Ho Chi Minh city, Foreign and Vietnamese experts stated that the solution for ecological crisis in the future is to construct energy-efficient green buildings.

Considering the investment on green buildings, Mr. Yannick Millet, Executive Director of VGBC said: “We should not think that investment in green buildings must be costly because of high investment. The fact shows that green building is a solution for cutting down on energy consumption”. He demonstrated that a building could not only save 30% of energy, 30-50% of water but also reduce 35% of CO2 as well as 50%-90% of other wastes.

In the conference, foreign experts also put forward some criteria for green buildings such as storage area for rainwater penetration during heavy rain, utilizing low embodied materials, ventilation systems, fire protection system and trees, etc.

Currently, Vincom Center Tower in Ho Chi Minh City is considered as one of few green buildings in Viet Nam. According to the investor, buildings under Vincom Center‘s ownership were all equipped with Low- e glasses, which help offices to reduce operational cost for air conditioner, to avoid energy waste and to protect staff’s health in hot days.

Although energy efficiency measures in green buildings are encouraged, it is in fact not widely used. Mr. Yannick Millet shared that “The development of green buildings in Viet Nam still encounters numerous obstacles. VGBC is launching campaigns, which aims green-building raising awareness of the stakeholders. With the support from VGBC, some green buildings are being implemented in Vietnam namely: Green One UN house, Viet Nam-MocBai factory, Gyproc Hai Phong factory.

Source: Buildviet

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