Recently when the green trend becomes more widespread in the world, many controversial ideas are raised around whether contractors and developers should spend their money into green building or not while cost of some green solutions such as energy- efficient or water- saving equipments, etc. is not cheap at all. Are you really aware of long-term benefits of green building instead of initially quite cheap investment with short-term savings.


The “Misperception v.s Reality on Green building Cost and Benefit” workshop organized in Rex Hotel, Ho Chi Minh city on the 17th December, 2013 focused on various aspects of the issue in order to clarify it and give the final answer to the question of who were concerning about.


 With the participation of Ho Chi Minh city Institute for development studies, experts in green certified projects in Vietnam and sponsors, the workshop have have identified benefits of green buildings  collected data from certified green projects in Vietnam, provided statistics for analysis and enabled developers and owners to have a realistic, economic and overall view of green building cost. 


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From that, we can clearly see that despite high initial cost, the investment into a green building proves the long-term development. Green building helps to save operational and labor cost. So the total investment on a green building is the same as that in the normal building. After the return on capital, the contractor can gain more benefits such as reducing the operational cost and improving the sustainability in material usage and building occupancy.


Through this workshop, we hope that investors can calculate and reconsider their investment into a green building and a normal one when the green building has more sustainable and long-term benefits.


We would like to send our sincere thanks to our sponsors: Kohler Vietnam, BigC and Turner International. Their support truly demonstrated a meaningful contribution into promoting the green building trend for Vietnam, aligning us with the advanced movement of the world.