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Green Homes

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Green Homes

Vietnam is urbanizing quickly, with thousands of new homes and apartments being built each year in major cities across the country. In most cases there is still a lack of awareness of sustainable building practices, leading to inefficient energy use, excessive water usage, unhealthy indoor environment, and other issues.

The Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) decided to launch the Vietnam Green Home Challenge, from 2019, to promote green building concept and bring opportunities to many new homes being built to green standard.

By using green measures recommended in LOTUS, home-owners can expect to save from 20% to 40% on energy bill, save up to 40-50% water consumption, while enjoying healthy and comfort indoor environment thanks to better ventilated spaces and more natural lighting.

VGBC wishes to engage architects and homeowners to join the Challenge, on a voluntary basis, to take the initiatives to design and build homes according to green building principles, using LOTUS Homes as a guideline. VGBC will assist and advise participating projects, with the vision to make green homes a reality for your family.


As the organizer, VGBC will provide:



Suggestions of green measures and technologies for implementation                                                             


Record the green measures being implemented, collect and analyze building performance after construction                        


Recognition for challenge takers that achieve green targets                                                          

Benefits for Homeowners

Realizing green goals for a healthier and more environmentally friendly home
Receiving support from the VGBC
Gaining public recognition for green efforts


As participants of the Challenge, architects and homeowners are committed to:

Implementing green measures as permitted by building budget and schedule
Promoting green building concept to the public


Residential houses as categorized in QCVN 03:2012/BXD or apartment interior fit-out projects with gross floor area (GFA) of less than 1.000 m2.

NOTICE: Participating projects will not receive LOTUS Certification and can not be advertised as such. If a project wishes to receive LOTUS Certification, it must go through formal certification process as stipulated in LOTUS Homes Technical Manual. Click HERE for more information on LOTUS Homes Certification.

Registration & Inquiries

To enter Green Homes Challenge, please complete the application form below and send to the VGBC:

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Dang Thanh Long – VGBC Executive Director


(+84) 0966 695 418


Strategies to Green your Home

Key points about creating healthy, energy efficient homes:


Most of the solar heat gain in the home comes through windows. Optimizing the quantity of windows, selecting appropriate shading devices and using low-solar-gain low-E glazing can provide huge energy and comfort benefit.


Minimize the use of air-conditioning; Install energy efficient air-conditioners (with 5 stars energy label) to reduce energy consumption of the building; Select air-conditioning equipment with R32 refrigerant gas to limit impacts on climate change.


Use native plants and maximize the vegetation onsite and to provide shading, improve the site microclimate and scenery, and enhance the native plant communities and wildlife habitat.                                                         


The use of non-baked materials (such as concrete blocks) will reduce the serious impacts on the environment caused by the production of clay bricks and can also improve the thermal performance of the walls to allow less heat gain in the home.


The use of water efficient faucets, showers and toilets will help to significantly reduce the water  use and water bills.                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Minimize building’s exposure to the sun by positioning your home in such way to limit the size of the west and east facing facades.                                                                                                                                                                                     


Proper ventilation (whether mechanical or natural) is not only critical for occupant’s health and comfort but also for energy savings.                                                                                                                                                              


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from most of interior finishes products can cause significant health problems including cancer, the selection of products with low-VOC content is a must to ensure a healthy living environment.


Selecting lighting fixtures with high luminous efficacy (such as efficient fluorescent T5 and LED) and installing energy efficient household appliances will help to save energy and reduce environmental impact without compromising lifestyle.

Green your Home today!