The green building movement continues to gather pace in 2017, showing strong growth in terms of new project registrations, sustaining the trend established in 2016. The review below is based on the data on LEED and LOTUS, two most popular green building rating systems in Vietnam. Other rating schemes such as Green Mark (Singapore), HQE (France) are also being used but are not mentioned due to lack of data.

  • In record of website of US Green Building Council (, by the end of 2017 there are 87 LEED projects in Vietnam, counting both projects already certified and those under assessment. Of these projects, 39 were already certified.
  • In 2017 alone, 18 projects were awarded LEED certification, much higher than 2016 (5 projects). Due to the time span of a construction project, these figures often indicate the market conditions 1 or 2 year earlier.
  • In the US and other countries, green building has maintained growth rate higher than the average of the construction industry over the past decade. However, reports show that green building adoption in general is still influenced by business cycle and income level beside other various factors.
  • In 2017 LOTUS has seen similar growth. The total number of LOTUS projects is now at 41, up from 22 at the end of last year. Of these, 14 projects have completed construction and received Full Certification.

  • The 2 new systems released in 2017, LOTUS Interiors and LOTUS Small Interiors, have both found some projects: 1 for LOTUS Interiors and 2 for LOTUS Small Interiors.

  • Thus, all the LOTUS Rating Systems have some projects following Certification.

  • A total of 19 new projects registered for LOTUS in 2017, among those:
    • 6 LOTUS NR Projects
    • 1 LOTUS BIO Project
    • 8 LOTUS Homes Project
    • 1 LOTUS Small Buildings Project
    • 1 LOTUS Interiors Project
    • 2 LOTUS Small Interiors Project
  • 4 projects obtained LOTUS Full Certification (after construction stage) during the year:
    • LOTUS Homes Pilot Project 1
    • Bel Greenfield Asean Factory
    • Green One UN House
    • Worldkids International School – Campus 4
  • 4 projects obtained LOTUS Provisional Certification (after the design stage):
    • VietinBank Tower
    • British International School EYFS
    • Head office of Capital House
    • Dong Phu Cuong Garment Factory

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