Vietnam Green Building Council is proud to announce that the draft version of LOTUS v3 for New Construction (LOTUS NC) is now available.

LOTUS NC is designed to assess to all types of new building constructions and major building refurbishments at the exception of single-family houses and buildings with a Gross Floor Area lower than 2,500 m2.

LOTUS NC is the result of merging LOTUS NR V2.0 and LOTUS MFR Pilot and bringing changes to update and improve the content of credits by:

  • making updates following new standards, codes and regulations (e.g. compliance with QCVN 09:2017/BXD)
  • refining requirements (e.g. thresholds in credit Eco-4 Green Roof to be decreased to 20% and 40% of green roof area for 1 and 2 points)
  • enlarging the scope (e.g. high-volume low-speed fans to be considered in the H-7 Thermal Comfort credit),
  • fixing existing mistakes (e.g. mistakes in Figure H.2 and Table H.4 of credit H-6 External Views have been fixed)
  • providing clearer explanations where needed (e.g. clearer descriptions given for the different types of green roofs, for quality views, for commissioning, etc.)

The Technical Manual and the Summary of changes are available for download on the website at this address:

LOTUS NC is now opened to feedback and to applications from Projects.

VGBC would be grateful for all comments and suggestions as we aim to continuously improve LOTUS, the first green building certification system for Vietnam.

Our contacts:

  1. Dang Thanh Long (Mr.), CEO of VGBC : [email protected]
  2. Xavier Leulliette (Mr.), VGBC Director of Certification : [email protected]

Hotline: (84) 0966 695 418

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