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Vietnam Green Building Council is proud to announce the official release of LOTUS BIO V1.1.

LOTUS BIO is the LOTUS rating system designed to assess all types of building that are in operation.

LOTUS BIO V1.1 is an update of LOTUS BIO V1 that had been released in June 2017 and includes the main following changes:

  • Specific requirements have been included for multi-tenant buildings and multi-family residential buildings. In general, these requirements help to simplify LOTUS BIO Certification for these types of building. For instance, for Multi-tenant buildings to demonstrate compliance with prerequisite E-PR-1 Energy Audit, the preliminary audit only needs to cover the building energy systems managed by the facilities management team.
  • A new credit has been included, H-5 IAQ Testing, to encourage projects to test and determine the indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings and make sure the air is not polluted.
  • Projects can now submit for Full Certification after a Performance Period of 3 continuous months if not targeting Credit E-2 Energy Use Intensity, Strategy B: Peak Electricity Demand of Credit E-6 Sustainable Energy Solutions and/or Strategy A: Water recycling/reuse/harvest of Credit W-4 Sustainable Water Use Solutions.
  • For mixed-use buildings combining some Non-Residential (NR) Commercial and Residential components, if the residential components are clearly separated from the other building components, the residential portion and the NR portion may be eligible for separate Certification.


All the changes brought from LOTUS BIO V1 are detailed in an Addenda at the end of LOTUS BIO V1.1. Technical Manual that is available for download on the website at this address: http://vgbc.vn/en/resources/


Should you have any queries, please contact VGBC at [email protected].



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