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The green buildings sector is one of the potential investment industries in the world and in Vietnam. According to International Finance Corporation (IFC), Vietnam’s green buildings sector is almost an US$80 billion investment opportunity. The Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities (GIIO) report presents major trends and developments for green infrastructure and energy. It showed significant investment potential adding close to US$100 trillion worldwide for the 2019-2030 period. It asserted that Vietnam would need to adopt greener infrastructure to compensate for the environmental implications of its economic development.

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In the world context, the European Union is committed to achieving a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and becoming the world’s first climate‑neutral continent by 2050. According to this, they have to make construction more sustainable, either make the old building into a greener building or make a new construction green. In that journey, what successes and obstacles did they have? What are the key lessons for green building in Vietnam?

Join EuroCham at this special luncheon to gain more insights on:

– What is the green building context in Vietnam in recent years?
– The potentials and the obstacles of green building in Vietnam and compared to some countries in the world/Asia/Southeast Asia.
– Green building in Europe: experience and lessons learnt for Vietnam
– Government’s policies to the green building.
– The trend of developing green buildings in Vietnam in the next 10 years.


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