On the morning of 29/09/2017, Long Hau Joint Stock Company (LHC) and Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) are co-hosting the workshop “Green Factory in Long Hau Idustrial Park” to share knowledge and experience in green building applicable to factories. 

At present, the Green Building trend is developing strongly in industrial estate I terms of number of projects, VGBC said. However, some businesses still overlook to the construction of green buildings properly, although the benefits of green building are long-term and sustainable. Investors often have initial thoughts that green buildings only serve for the marketing purpose and sales boosting, or only for FDI enterprises, or for export enterprises. It also provide the benefits in terms of infrastructure costs, short payback periods, maintenance costs, especially healthy environments, and increased productivity. Investing in a green plant is not only a strategic activity that is beneficial to the investors, but also enhances the responsibility of maintaining the corporate image in the community.

Towards the goal of raising awareness and sharing experiences on green building, the Green Factory Workshop, organized by Long Hau Joint Stock Company, will take place on 29/09/2017 at Long Hau Industrial Park. With the presence of top-notch speakers in Green Building Industry:
  • Mr. Vu Linh Quang – Deputy Director of ARDOR Sustainable Design.
  • Mr. Le Luong Vang – Green Building Engineer Royal Haskoning.
  • Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam – Investment Promotion Consultant of LHC.
  • Ms. Phung Thi Lan Phuong – HR, Admin & Compliance Manager German Garment Factory DBW.
  • Mr. Vo Tan Thom – Building Maintenance Supervisor of German Garment Factory DBW.

The German Garment Factory in Long Hau IP is the so- called greenest factory obtaining first US certified LEED (platinum) in Vietnam.


Seminar: “Green factory at Long Hau Industrial Park”

Time: Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 am, Sep 29th 2017.

Venue: S-2 Room, LHC Conference Hall

Participants: Current and new investors/ tenants in Long Hau Industrial Park and partners from business associations, chambers and other enterprises. 

Profile: For details, please refer to the link at http://bit.ly/2wwwCKN


For interested companies/ individuals, kindly please contact to:

Long Hau Industrial Park is known as “green industrial park” with an investment environment towards sustainable development for businesses. From the early years of establishment, Long Hau Joint Stock Company has reserved 33% of the land fund for public works, boldly invest in waste treatment plant and obtained ISO 14001 certificate. At the same time, LHC provides the significant support for investors in the construction of green building, to create a long-term business community and sustainable development.

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