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BCI Central has officially started FuturArc Prize (FAP) 2023 with theme of Cross-Generational Architecture for Students and Professional. FAP 2023 seeks forward-thinking, innovative design ideas that respond to societal issues for tomorrow’s generations amidst ongoing climate and planet challenges

How can we address quality of life and well-being for all age groups together with Nature? How can these built spaces be sustainable and not add further distress to the environment?


  • Pick a site located in Asia. The site area cannot be larger than 5 hectares or 50,000 square metres
  • Analyze the population census of your selected site at the macro level and within local context. Investigate issues faced by the age groups in the area, supported by real-world data that must be cited and submitted.
  • Decide on a project typology that is mixed-use, and propose a new architectural intervention that could respond to the challenges identified


Judging will be based on a clear explanation of the following corresponding to the task:

  • Relevance;
  • Integration;
  • Impact; and
  • Innovation



All winners will be awarded with the FuturArc Prize Trophy and the following cash prizes*.

  • First Place: Cash prize of SGD8,000 plus 2-year subscription to FuturArc digital magazine via FuturArc app
  • Second Place: Cash prize of SGD3,500 plus 1-year subscription to FuturArc digital magazine via FuturArc app
  • Third Place: Cash prize of SGD2,000 plus 1-year subscription to FuturArc digital magazine via FuturArc app
  • Merit(up to 12 places will be given): SGD500 each plus 1-year subscription to FuturArc digital magazine via FuturArc app

Register for free via FuturArc App by downloading the app (App Store | Play Store) and clicking on the banner.

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For more information, please visit FuturArc Prize 2023 or download bilingual guideline at HERE

All winning projects will be published in FuturArc magazine and other social media channels.
All winners will receive prizes at BCI Asia Awards 2023 ceremony – an annual event
held in seven different Asian cities for domestic and international networking among elite architecture firms, property developers, manufacturers and building service providers.

Submission deadline is middle-February 2023

For any queries, please contact us at 

About FuturArc Prize

Launched in 2007, FuturArc Prize is the first international Green building design competition in Asia open to professionals and students. It aims to trigger continuous change and creativity in the art and science of building design, showcasing innovative ideas and solutions for a sustainable future. With a highly respected international jury and tremendous industry support, the Prize enables Green building design ideas and practitioners to emerge on the regional stage. Winning entries from the competition are published in both the Journal’s annual Green edition and on its website. Year after year, the competition attracts an increasing number of participants from more than 15 countries.

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