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BCI Central has officially started  BCI Interior Design Awards (IDA) 2023 with theme of Human-Centered Interiors for professionals and/or registered companies only. IDA 2023 calls for Interior Design projects that showcase well-designed human-centred spaces that empower users to reside, engage and enrich their lives joyfully and meaningfully. The designs should illustrate a deep understanding of the users’ psyche, behaviour, habits and preferences.


Choose one category from the three for which to submit an Interior Design project:

  • Living (Live) = single houses; apartments; co-living spaces; dormitories
  • Engagement (Work) = offices; industrial spaces; factories; co-working space
  • Enrichment(Play) = indoor sports arenas; recreational centres; community centres; libraries; exhibition halls; museums



The best designs will be selected based on the following equally-weighted (25 per cent each) criteria, corresponding to the task:

  • Aesthetics & Creativity
  • Well-being & Health
  • Sustainability & Maintenance
  • Innovation & Technology



For each category, 1 winning project and 2 merit projects will be awarded based on the jury’s decision:

  • Each Winning project team will receive: Cash prize of SGD5,000 and complimentary subscription to digital Construction Plus magazine via Construction Plus App.
  • Each Merit project will receive: Cash prize of SGD500 and complimentary subscription to digital Construction Plus magazine via Construction Plus App.

Register for FREE via Construction Plus App that can be installed from Play Store and App Store and clicking on the banner.

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For more information, please visit BCI Interior Design Awards 2023 or download bilingual guideline at HERE

Submission deadline is middle-February 2023

For any queries, please contact us at 


About BCI Interior Design Awards

BCI Interior Design Awards was launched in 2016 by the BCI Group of Companies to recognize great interior architectural designs that stand out aesthetically, functionally and ergonomically. The competition is a chance to generate awareness towards responsible designs (human, economic, environmental, ethical) and the importance of good design in our society.

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