Project News

Phu Cuong Garment Accessories Factory awarded LOTUS Gold green building certification

The garment factory from Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province has become the first project to achieve certification under LOTUS New Construction v3. 



  • Rating System : LOTUS New Construction V3
  • Building type : Garment Factory
  • Size (GFA) : 5986 m2
  • Certification Date: November 2020
  • Green consultant: GreenViet

Project Sustainability


  • 48.2% of total building energy use reduction thanks to:
    • Use of evaporative cooling pads to cool down the manufacturing area
    • Use of a chiller with a COP improvement of 13.57% compared to QCVN 09:2017/BXD requirements
    • 76.4 % of LPD reduction compared to QCVN 09:2017/BXD requirements thanks to the use of efficient LED lighting
  • solar PV plant installed on the project site (under a solar license agreement) with a capacity of 841 kWp and an estimated production of 1187 MWh/year, representing 115% of the estimated total energy use of the project


  • 49% of water savings compared to baseline through sanitary fixtures
  • 42% of the project’s total water consumption covered with harvested rainwater
  • Water meters covering all the major water uses

Health and Comfort

  • 97.3% of the net occupied area is supplied with sufficient fresh air
  • All paints, coatings and floorings have low-VOC content
  • 93% of the net occupied area is provided with appropriate daylight
  • 99% of the net occupied area has quality views to the outdoors


  • 16.83% of the total value of the materials is from sustainable materials with most materials (steel, concrete, gypsum, sheet roof) having recycled content
  • 71% of construction waste diverted from landfills
  • the site has an average perviousness of 40.07% to limit stormwater runoff
  • 77.6% of the roof and paved area limits heats island effect thanks to a reflective steel roof
  • Commissioning performed to ensure that building systems are well-installed and are performing as intended